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Are Renewables for you?

Solar panels and wind turbines are ways of generating your own heat or electricity from free and abundant natural resources.

With the realisation that affordable fossil fuels are not going to last for ever, and that emissions from burning them cause untold chaos to the climate, it makes sense to use sources of power that are never going to run out which is the sun and wind.

By investing in a renewable energy technology now you are basically pre-buying energy at today’s prices for a future where energy may cost a lot more. As fossil prices rise in the future, your pay back will happen even sooner.

The main benefits of renewable energy systems are :

Saves money on your energy costs

Protect yourself from futures energy price increases

Grants and In-Feed Tariff are available for certain systems

Adds value to your property

Increase the BER rating of your property

Provides you with independence from fluctuating energy supply

Reduces CO² emissions

Feel good factor of helping the environment


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